Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what I do all day

My friends are always asking me what I am doing now that I am home. I can never really answer. I just say I've been busy, because the truth is I have. So below is a typical day in the life of a stay at home mommy...

This morning I woke with the usual exhaustive to-do list. It was in my head so I decided that I better get right up and write them down before I forgot something very important.

I make my way into the study to get a pen and I notice that on the hutch is the camera, which still has pictures from beginning of February. I should probably download them now. Excited to relive those moments again, I sit down at the desk and start flipping through the camera. I get to CALF (Children's Art and Literacy Festival) pictures that Junior League puts on every year and remember that I was supposed to burn a copy for the Junior League scrapbook. I turn on the computer and decide that while it gets going, I may as well start the laundry.

I go into our bathroom and start separating the clothes. I am dismayed at the grass and mud stains on some of Cole's shirts so I decided that I better give them a good scrub on my Mexican tallador. I go into the laundry room to get it and the chihuahuas start yelping. Better let them out.

I open the door to the backyard and catch a glimpse of my new mini herb garden. I decide to take a peek and see how my babies are doing. Ooh, they need water!

I run inside to get the sprayer and I realize that surely by now my #1 baby has gotten up and is wondering where mommy is. I hear nothing so I decided I better go in and check on him. He looks so cozy comfy I decided to get back in bed and snuggle with him.

Fifteen minutes later he's up and demanding "bekfast". I sit him down and pop a toaster strudel in the toaster and get him a glass of milk. I used the last of the milk, better put that on the list. The to-do list, shoot, haven't gotten to that!...Enough is enough, I march my bootie into the study and get a pen,... Cole yells. I rush up and get his toaster strudel and put it on a plate and serve it to him. I see the empty milk jug and rinse it out and make my way into the garage to put it in the recycling bin. The attic ladder is down, blocking me from getting to the bin. I reach to lift it and see the Christmas lights all boxed up and ready to be lifted into the attic. Surely there were more lights than that. I bet they are in the playroom closet...

Maximus starts yelping too. Time for the switcharoo, bring the chihuahuas in to safety (from Maximus), take Maximus out, and I see that there is neither water nor food in his bowl. I go in and get a cup to pour water into for Max and remember to quench my own thirst. "This grape sody is so refreshing", I think to myself as I glance at the clock. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is just starting! I clean Cole up and let him watch his favorite all time show so that I can focus on the chores at hand.

I pass the study on the way to the kitchen and see my blog on the screen. Ooh, Cole is quiet and this is probably the most perfect time to blog. I sit at my desk again and to the right of my screen I see the other blogs I like to read. I click on one. I read it. I click on another, I read that one too. Then I hear Cole saying "more Mickey Mouse". What? That just simply cannot be. The laundry is still piled, the dogs have not been fed or quenched, the clothes still have stains, the CD never got burned, and my plants are all probably dead because today went a lot like yesterday! I got nothing done but I was so darn busy all day!

Cole calls me again. Now my time is Cole's time so I guess I will leave the list for tomorrow....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pow - pow

Sunday evening we were picking Cole up from his day with Mimi and he was showing me his booboo. I kiss it and pick him up and carry him to the car and he looks at my face and says "Momma booboo" as he points to my scab from spaghetti splatter above my lip. Will and I laugh and say "Mommy was a bad girl so daddy spanked her." We all laughed, except Cole.

So Monday afternoon I was putting Cole in his carseat and he points to my scab again and says "Mommy booboo, Daddy pow pow Mommy".

I think we need to watch our mouths in front of him from now on,....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

crazy hectic

It has been a crazy and hectic last 3 weeks for us here in the Eggleston home. We went to Houston/Dallas 3 weeks ago, returned and just a few short days later our friends from Castroville came to visit. There were 4 adults, 4 children and 4 dogs in our home! So crazy but so much fun!!! They left on Sunday and then this Tuesday my mom mentioned she was going to Monterey to visit our family. She had come over so I can buy here the insurance online for Mexico. She was going to be leaving in 1 hour. I get this wild hair up my woo-hoo and decide that Cole and I should go too. So we pack up and go. We returned Thursday and my cousin and her 2 children came back with us to visit. They left Saturday and Cole and I are exhausted! However, we're ready to do it all over again. Let's see, who can we visit????

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Accidents happen....

So perhaps I spoke too soon. Last night with Maximus was a tad rough. I kinda slept in about 2 hours longer than I had planned. It was 4:40 am when I woke up and saw the clock and jumped up to let Maximus out. I opened the door to his cage and a very wet Maximus ran out and to the door. He left a trail in the house. I was groggy and suspected it was pee but didn't asses the damage until I came back inside the house. I left Maximus outside so that I can clean up the mess and when I wlaked inside the house (sans socks or shoes) I stepped in wetness and smelled it. My suspicions were right, Max had peed in the cage. Great!!

I had to clean up the pee, spray an enzyme bacteria solution to remove the smell, and then clean out Maximus' crate. Forty five minutes later I was back in bed, after a slight shower.

Bright side: Cole woke up grumpy and groggy from his nap. He usually eats immediately after his naps so I asked him if he was hungry and wanted to eat. He relpied, "No, see Macimus". That cheered him up and allowed me to make his lunch without him demanding that it be served immediately.


It was also the only accident Max had the whole day!

Boy's Best Friend

We have been pretty busy over here in the Eggleston home. Where to start, where to start...

I've probably never mentioned Bailey or Shaddow in any of my posts. They are chihuahuas (yes the yappy Mexican dogs): they were our babies before we had our baby. We got Bailey (the boy) when Will and I were in high school. That was over 13 years ago! A year later we got him a buddy, Shaddow (a girl). They were such a huge part of our lives for so long that when we were pregnant we were sure that they would always have a special place in our hearts.

Poor Bailey and Shaddow. They don't even have a special place in our home anymore! After Cole was born they really didn't take to him. They went their way and Cole just,... well sat there. Once he was somewhat mobile, Shaddow would run at the sight of him moving, and Bailey would just growl at the sight of him. He snipped once or thrice too. Aside from that, I think the stress was too much for even the dogs to handle. They started getting sloppy, peeing on rugs. So we threw the rugs out,..along with the dogs. They are now outdoors most of the day and as soon as they come in they go in the laundry room. It was so much work cleaning after them and keeping them away from Cole and vice versa that Will and I sat down and agreed that we'd never have another dog again.

Meet Maximus....

That's right, we got us a German Shepard. Still wondering what we were thinking but despite the constant work, seeing him and Cole makes it all worth it. Cole has never had a pet or even seen a pet that he could snuggle up to and play with. Cole calls him "Macimus" and he is just delighted. All day he asks to go see Macimus and if he could feed Macimus and give him treats and walk him. But what is the best part of it all is that Maximus puts up with him! They match each other's energy levels and it gives me a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy The Cole and Macimus Show.

This was actually when we were picking up Maximus from the breeder all the way in... I don't even know where. We were so impressed with how Maximus would cry for Cole when he couldn't get on the stairs to reach him and how he'd run after Cole but always alongside him, never ahead, and how when Cole would fall he wouldn't jump on him.

We brought Maximus home that night and a friend of ours, Clare, was house sitting with her son. My family came over too meet the newest member of the family too. He played with the children and the adults. I am still amazed at how mild tempered Maximus is. I've always had chihuahuas. They are mean and barky, but really really cute.

Who knows what life with a huge dog has in store for us. If it's horrible at least it'll make good blog reading. Maximus did have a taste of my beautiful gray pumps I'd just bought a month ago, just the heel but I am still wearing them. He's also peed in the house twice, and pooped twice, but luckily it was on the tile. Oh dear, knock on wood...go on, I'm serious now, do it....I also have to wake up once during the night so he can potty and I also have to walk him early in the morning. But I'm hoping to get a great bod after that so that's a positive. Then a few friends have joked that he may eventually eat the chihuahuas, that would be sad but then that's two less mouths to feed and what with the economy what it is that may be a good thing. (Just kidding, we're watching then like a hawk.)

Until next time,....
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