Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marshmallow Giggles

I blogged about those moments that take my breath away, this was one of them:

Carnival rides

Cole and I went to the carnival this past week with a friend from when I was working. It was $5 wristband day, all you can ride for $5. Cole rode one ride. The best $5 I ever spent to see his face light up when he saw the trucks.

(Be sure to pause the music on the right.)

Friday, January 30, 2009


There are moments of mommyhood that just take my breath away. There's the giggle he makes when I throw marshmallows in the air, the way he says "tinky feet", morning stretches, "movie time" demands, random kisses, pat-pat, waking up to his sleepy smiley face, big eyes, small face, and even the way he whines for me to "carry you"... they take my breath away.

But sometimes, his bon-bon (lollipop) tantrums, spitting food out of his mouth and hurling it across the room, fighting with his cousin, hitting the dogs with a stick, well,... sometimes they take my breath away too. They take my breath away to another room where I can count to ten and compose myself.

That was tonight. After countless times of counting to ten, I finally decided that Cole needed to go into the other room and compose himself. He composed himself right to sleep. Finally, I can cuddle up and baby my husband, who by the way is recovering from a tonsilectomy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Mother's Sacrifice

Will is having his tonsils out tomorrow so we asked mom to watch him for us while we were at the hospital. Of course she said yes. So she came over to pick him up and told us that she would just keep him all day so Will and I could relax. Isn't she just wonderful? Aside from all of that, she has a broken wrist. My concern was that she would hurt herself changing, carrying, sleeping with, or getting Cole in and out of the carseat. Not too worry she said, she had friends and neighbors that she could call if she needed any help. I am always amazed by the sacrifices my mom and dad make for us. I shouldn't be though...she's awesome!

Cole is crazy about his Nana and everytime the doorbell rings his heart skips a beat, "Nana", he'll whisper, eyes all wide, ears perked up, as he runs to the door to open it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Head Tilt Revelations

I never see it happening or even know that it has happened until Cole tells me "no" as he points to his nose. The first time I thought it was "boogies" so I got a tissue and wiped him. He came back and said "no" again pointing to his nose, then he said "chicken". I titled his head up and sure enough there was a huge piece of chicken wedged up there! This was Sunday evening.

So Wednesday Will and I went out with some friends for my birthday and when we came home Cole was eating cereal (Cheerios). He came up to me pointing to his nose and said "cereo". Can you guess what the old head tilt revealed?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Will was watching tv and I was working on a birthday invite for a client in the study. Gloria comes out of her bedroom and asks where Cole is. Will says he's with me, I reply he's with Will.

Uh oh,...

We found him just a few seconds later, he pointed and said "gross"...

Notice the roll is empty? That's right, that's the whole roll in the toilet...What do you do but bust out laughing???

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wish List

So my birthday and Cole's birthday are coming up and I wanted to make a wish list with links so that you (as in Hubs and moms) can easily find things we might like.

I know what you're saying, and you are very welcome!

1.) Carpet and Tile Steam Cleaner:
Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
Hoover F5912-900 Turbo Power 5200 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge
Hoover F7452-900 SteamVac All-Terrain Floor Cleaner

2.) bible cover
3.) Carbonite subscription
4.) Make-the-Cut
5.) 100 CD case storage binder
6.) Nikon remote trigger
7.) Nikon tripod
8.) Nikon Book
9.) Sunglasses- polarized
10.) Mouse pad like a simple $3 one
11.) UGG Sand Classic boots

1.) train set
2.) cotton or terry cloth bath robe
      Idea #1 or Idea #2
3.) Leap Frog DVD
4.) Levi Carpenter jeans 3T (JC Penney)

revised Jan. 16th, 2010

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogger Withdrawals

When I don't get to blog daily I feel all jittery. So much info to release! I guess you could describe it as withdrawal symptoms. So it's been a few days that I haven't blogged and shared my daily prayer. You know what that means right? I too have not been reading my prayer book! I am on my last leg at work, just a week and a half more to go but it's kinda keeping me busy. I have 3 annual meetings (ARDs) tomorrow and though it may mean nothing to most people, all Special Education teachers know that that is a lot of work. Excited still because it's kinda like the midterm, well my midterms at least. You stay up and cram all night and then you know that right afterwards you're home free. At least until I start dealing with daily tantrums and boogies. Looking forward to it,... sure am.

Anyway, you do remember that my last day of work is January 16 and I am sooo excited but then kinda sad to be leaving the freedoms working provides. It'll probably be a long time before my heels see the light of day, my sweat pants and warm ups will start getting worn out and my hair will never be done again. Goodbye Ann Taylor, hello Wal Mart! Actually I already do Wal Mart (but boy do I love Ann Taylor!) so maybe Goodwill,... Ropa Usada? Oh, and let's not forget the sure income that goes along with working. After writing all that I am tempted to hit backspace and erase everything because I just know that shortly I will get a text from Will saying "I've been thinking, maybe you shouldn't quit". Not what I want to hear.

So on the flip side, Cole will have his mommy with him all day. I will get to bring up our son with our beliefs and values,... oh God, why am I staying home? Oh that's right:
1. getting to bond and influence Cole
2. improved quality of life
3. opportunities for personal growth
4. joy in parenting
5. less material focus (no choice really huh?)
6. ability to be there when most needed
7. encouraging Cole's developement
8. be your own boss (well maybe not-Cole kinda rules the roost)
9. builds a sense of security and trust in Cole
10. making many more memories with Cole

Daily Prayer for January 6:
"Dear Lord, May your will be done..."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just the daily prayer today:

January 3:

Dear Lord, I praise you because you are able to do more than I would ever think to ask....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cowboy Cole

Will and I went on a date finally. He has been sick all week long and we have been wanting to watch Four Christmases. It was a great movie! We also finally brought the horse Aunt Wanda gave Cole home. First thing he did was ride it.

Daily Prayer for January 2:

"Dear Lord, your right hand has supported me in these ways..."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New beginnings

Don't you just love the beginning of things? Fresh starts and new hopes. We have a chance to start anew every January 1st and I don't think I have ever really made a New Years Resolution. This year I did, they are in the New Years post. So they are up here for all the world to see and for me to be accountable to them.

I started organizing all of Cole's toys. I bought 12 plastic bins and got every single one of his toys out of his room, under the bed, under the couch, behind the fridge and in the diaper bag out and into their respective bins. What a load off my shoulders! I have been wanting to do this for so long and have been on the hunt for containers that would fit snuggly into the huge bookshelf we have but after months of actively shopping around, on new Year's I stumbled upon them at Wal Mart. I have looked there so many times but perhaps it was meant to be. My new beginning started there. Now if I could only get Gloria to help me keep them organized. She is crazy about Cole and anything he wants he gets. She's like another grandma. I usually don't say anything because in the whole scheme of things, it's really not that bad a problem to have. Allthough, I admit it is one of my greatest pet peeves to see that one of the ball popper"s balls is in the kitchen and one is under the bed and another in the tub, rendering the ball popper incomplete, and useless. It drives me up the wall. But I never said anything because I had taken ownership in the problem. I didn't have a system. Now I do. Yeah! And Gloria is totally on board.

So it's a great feeling to start off fresh. Now, another resolution of mine was to be grateful and pray more often. So as I was organizing in the wee hours of the New Year, I stumbled upon this book: The One Year Book of Daily Prayers: 365 meditations on Bible prayers that give you God's peace for each day. I will share them with you on my blogs.

January 1:
"Dear Lord, I ask for your wisdom in my life this year...."

I won't actually post my prayers for fear of not being able to be honest. Enjoy!
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