Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crayon Discovery

Cole has discovered that he loves crayons. Luckily, they were the bathtub ones. Whew, a breakdown averted.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am sooo dead!

Will is going to kill me when he sees these pictures. He's only two, hon. It's ok. I thought it was very impressive that he could actually walk in them. There, I said it, I was proud!

omg! I just read the shirt. HaHaHa!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cole's furry friend

Max has grown quite a bit since I last posted pictures of him. This is him now. Cole is loving every minute of Maximus, although every boo-boo he has he blames it on Max. He does sometimes jump on Cole. We're working on that...

"Goo boy, Macimus".

"Macimus, release! Releeaase!!!!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

That my playset...

We hear these words often now...ever since daddy built Cole a swingset. Not from scratch, he ordered it and then put it together himself. Cole and I helped some. But the majority was done by daddy. What an awesome poppa, huh?

That's been the big project around here for that last week. Will worked on it quite extensively on Sunday of last week and did just a little here and there throughout the week. But yesterday he put on the finishing touches. It looks great and it's so nice for Cole to have something to do outside. Not so good for me as I am an indoor computer kinda person.

Good news is that Cole was at Mimi's most of the day Sunday that I was able to work on a little project for Kooshie Tooshies, who will be launching their business here soon. I'll keep you updated... As I mentioned previously, Cole hasn't been into the whole napping thing if I don't nap with him. He didn't nap at all at Mimi's and last night he fell asleep at 8:30! Praise the Lord. Guess what I did? That's right, on the computer working. I freakin' love it! This my dear friends, is my playset.

Some pictures finally!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Protect Yourself!!!

I hate posting without pictures. It's just sooo boring! Since my computer crash I have been lazy about downloading them all the time. I am just scared of another crash and haven't taken the time to download Carbonite. Now, if you're wondering what Carbonite is, it is my saving grace. I have over 120 G of precious valuable stuff on my computer. Cole's pictures, videos, client work, important documents, blah, blah, blah, you get the idea. Well, the moment a file is changed, added, deleted, created, Carbonite will go in and automatically backup those changes. I have it set to do it anytime I am online, which is always but you can set it to do it at whatever times you'd like. Anyway, when my computer crashed, I had no warning and I was worried that a virus had eaten up all of my precious memories. But no matter because Carbonite saved it all. There is no limit to the amount of information! All of this for only $55 a year. I have heard so many stories of people losing work or photos, to theft or crashes and if you have Carbonite, this will never be an issue. What are you waiting for people? Go and get you some protection!

I haven't reinstalled Carbonite on my system and therein lies the problem of not having the photos on my computer. Luckily, I was able to have it all loaded onto my laptop but I need to do some reconfiguring of the desktop,....seriously, I'm making excuses. I have to get my bootie in gear and save those memories onto Carbonite! After all, my camera can get stolen too....shoot, I hope I didn't just jinx myself! Urgh, can I take it back?

Now, if you are interested, let me know and I can forward you a link because I get 3 months free with your subscription and you would get 1 month free. I know, I know, it works out better for me. Sorry! That's the promotion.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

Ever since Yaya left, Cole has been spending a lot of time with mommy. I reveled in it at first, we took naps together, we went shopping together, we watched tv together. It was fun,...until he started demanding mommy "take a nap", or "sit down here".

As it has been, Cole had not napped the whole week because I woudn't nap with him. I know what you're thinking, crazy to deny a nap to oneself. But when one has lots of work to do, there is no other option.

So yesterday Will and I had an evening planned with all the moms and pops in Mops. I needed Cole to take a nap so he wouldn't be cranky in the nursery. So I closed all the curtains, put on his favorite movie (Cars), and turned off all the lights. Then I even offered him up his blankie to watch tv with. It worked like a charm. My little guy fell aslpeep on the floor.

So we take off to Mops and he wails and grabs on for dear life when we leave him in the nursery. We let him cry and off we go with the adults. I go back and check on him and he's still kinda crying but not so much. They tell me to go, he's ok. I leave and after a few minutes I go back to check on him and he's wailing. We get him and date night is officially over. We left.

I don't know what it is. This is the face I get when I leave:Wouldn't it kill you too?

Friday, April 24, 2009


Isn't there just something about the versions of words that littles come up with? I live for this stuff. Diaper changes are now quite a poof. Cole now insists on having powder put on. It was ok at first but then he started insisting that he do it himself. Fine,... whatever! Well, you can imagine the mess a 2 year old can make trying to put powder on his bootom while lying down. Actually, it would be worse if he were standing up, huh? Anyway,....he puts powder on and then he checks to see if he got any on his "lollybot" (translation: bellybutton) because apparently powder belongs on lollybots. Hello mother!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Telephone Conversations with Cole

Last week was the first time Cole had an actual conversation with anyone on the phone. Luckily, it was with me and dad had made the call from HEB because Cole wanted to talk to Mommy.

Cole: "Hi Mommy!"

Me: "Hi Baby, what are you doing?"

Cole: "Go bye-bye."

Me: "Where are you going?"

Cole: "See Mommy. I love you Mommy."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter. Cole had his first Easter egg hunt ever at Mimi's and he had a blast! Below is a slideshow of our day. It's long but you can also view the photos by clicking on View All by the slideshow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shaddow and Me

Have you seen Marley and Me? We just watched it about a week ago and we cried. Well, I did, I can't remember if Will did...

It's not very often that I mention Shaddow or Bailey, our chihuahuas. As I said before, Bailey is a bully to Cole and Shaddow runs away at the thought of him. That's because Cole is a bully to Shaddow. It was quite a few weeks back that we had noticed Shaddow was coughing. She's 12 and we dismissed it as a "doggy cold". Finally, we decided to take her to the vet on Wednesday because her condition seemed to take a turn for the worse. She was having a very hard time getting a breath. I am such an airhead because even then I thought that I might be overreacting. Shaddow and Bailey have always made these snorting sounds when they drink water or eat too fast. So the thought occurred that that may be what it was. What finally tipped me off was that when I opened the laundry door to go into the garage for something, Shaddow walked ahead of me and kinda looked back at me. It was strange because she has never wanted to go into the garage. Immediately, I thought that she had gone in there to look for a place to die. That's when I scooped her little 4 pound self up and we rushed out with her to the vet.

When we arrived at Nolana Animal Hospital in McAllen, Dr. Brown, looked very alarmed. I am a worrier but about stupid things, like did I offend her, did I sound stupid, what will they think of us, will they call the animal cops on us... But when it comes to sickness and accidents, my system shuts down I think because my reaction times get very slow. Really it feels like the world stops turning and I follow that pace. Will is wonderful in emergency situations because he can think clearly and take charge. I stutter. Because even though I had taken her in immediately, I thought she had a lot of time on this earth with us. I pushed aside my gut instinct.

Dr. Brown was kinda abrasive with us. I immediately didn't like him. Neither did Will. He said she had a bad heart and that her lungs were filled with fluid. He would keep her overnight and see what he could do for her. He said that luckily he was the overnight Dr. so he would personally monitor her. 'Great', I thought. As we were walking out, he said that he would call us tonight just to let us know if the Lasix had helped drain some of the fliud in her lungs and then again in the morning. As he said it he walked us out and he put his hand on my shoulder. That was all he said but that little touch assured me. I swear there was remorse in that touch. I got in my car and I kinda liked him.

Will still didn't but I knew that he was just concerned when he saw Shaddow and I figured he had just reacted in alarm.

The next morning I spoke with Dr. Brown again and he apologized for being so brusk. He said that when he walked in to the examining room, he saw me holding a dog that was dying in my arms and all he could think of was that he needed to get her help so she could breathe. So of course, now I think very highly of him.

He kept her overnight again and Saddow is back home with us. She made it but her days are probably counted. She has a bad heart, we need to constanlty be giving her Lasix pills, and she is on a special prescription diet. She can only have Hill's Precription Diet food (because it's low in sodium) but it has to be HD (for the heart).

Bailey is 13 and unfortunately dogs don't live forever. They are up there in doggy years but it seems my little guys are fighters. They're still here and we are thankful for that.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

We went to the Gladys Porter Zoo on Tuesday. It was such a beautiful day that Will called at about 9 from work and asked if we wanted to go. It was so nice. Tuesday afternoon is a good day to go. It wasn't at all hectic. We got front row views and most of the time we had the animal views all to ourselves. It wasn't so overwhelming having to chase a 2 year old in crowds of none.

This chimpanzee kept kissing it's baby...I guess you can call it "Monkey love"...

Then Cole kissed the goat: goat love???? This was after there were signs clearly stating that these animals may contain diseases....sterilization took place immediately afterwards. Whew!

Cole being a monkey....

still monkey-ing around....

some more....

I wasn't walking fast enough I guess.

He loved the "lion".
Sticking his fingers in the fences. Warning him that the animals would jump over the moat and eat his little hand did not frighten him.

Thank goodness for tall daddies. Cole got a bird's eye view of the animals. I wonder why he doesn't like being on my shoulders?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Peace and quiet,... finally!

Every mother hopes and prays for some peace and quiet every now and then. We hope it in the form of naps, or movies, or busy playtime. What we don't expect or anticipate is the quiet that stems from your toddler being up to no good.

Who needs vacations and roller coasters when you get some of this non stop action every single day!? Seriously, they are sooo overrated!

Who's been eating my apples?

Cole has found he likes apples very much but only a bite at a time. It's not unusual to find this as I'm walking past the breakfast table. Makes it almost worth the waste.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Now this is one hip grandma!

I got a strange email yesterday morning. Mimi had added me as a friend on facebook. That can't be, I just joined facebook a month ago and I'd like to think I'm pretty quick on the techie side. Apparently, so is Mimi. I was pleasantly surpsied to see on her facebook.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Make a Mess"

These have been the words I've been hearing quite a bit lately. I was working at the computer and Cole was playing with his cars and he runs in and exclaims, "Mommy, make a mess!" What? I ask him what he means and he says "show Mommy" as he takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom. There were toys in the toilet. What do you do?

Just now I asked Cole if he'd finished up all of his applesauce. He's laying on the floor playing with his cars and he nonchalantly replies, "Cole make a mess." Here we go again. "Where" I ask. "Cole show Mommy" he says as he takes my hand and leads me into the bedroom. There was applesauce all over my bedroom floor, not much, just a spoonful. Then he says, "I finished it." I'm torn between getting upset or just cleaning it up. He's being honest after all?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

on leaving the church

I enjoy reading other people's blogs when I get the opportunity. It's times like now, when Cole is all snuggled up in bed for a nap that I can get online and lose myself in other people's lives. Sometimes though I think I really do lose myself in their writing. I wish I could be that witty, that funny, that fascinating, that mysterious, that blessed, that close to God.

We are our own best critic, or worst critic. I have learned one thing about reading blogs and that's that I definitely do not have the relationship with Him that I'd like. So because of that, I have been "church shopping". I realize how ridiculous that sounds but it is what it is.

I was raised Catholic and Will and I married in the Catholic church. Cole was baptized in the Catholic church as well. Will was not raised Catholic, he was Christian but he has been patient and accepting of his new religion. He has probably been more patient and accepting than I have. My mom is a devout Catholic and to her complete dismay, I have considered leaving the Catholic church. She doesn't understand it. My thing is though that I know nothing about our God or our Bible and in order to be closer to Him I have to know Him. I thought that maybe I just hadn't found the church that I feel I belong to but through my shopping. I still don't know. But I have found some churches that I really really liked.

What is it about those curches? Well, for starters, there are classes for little ones as little as Cole. They had nurseries where I can leave Cole and actually listen to the word of God. We read straight from the Bible. I was so amazed in one church that everyone that wanted had an opportunity to have a prayer request and there was a closing prayer at the end. It was less formal and traditional than I am accustomed to with Catholic services. They also have Women's bible study and retreats that Will and I can be a part of together as a couple, or alone, as individuals. My mother insists that this is the case at some Catholic churches but I have yet to find one like that. For now though my mother can be at peace knowing that I haven't left the religion but I'm still still on the hunt for the church that will teach me about this wonderful and powerful man.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I did it

On Monday I registered Cole for pre-school. He will be starting this summer and he will be going Monday - Thursday from 9:30-1:30. I am not excited about him going 4 days a week but there was no other options for summer. Then in the Fall he will be continuing there at FUMC (First United Methodist Church) MWF only.

My feelings about Cole starting school teeter. Somedays I am excited because he needs to socialize and interact, then somedays I'm convinced he'll be kicked out for being so rough.

Anyway, on his regsitration forms it asked if we were in the process of potty training Cole. Not really but I went ahead and checked yes because a lot can happen in 21/2 months.

Since Friday Cole has occassionally asked to sit on the potty. So Monday evening, Cole tells me he wants to sit on the potty so I take him and call Will in to see him get toilet paper and wipe his booty. So we tell him to try to go potty and he pushes and a little fart comes out. We're all excited. Then a few seconds later, he pees in the potty! It was totally coincidental but nonetheless still exhilirating to see. He was so proud too, he was all smiling and he kept exclaiming, "I did it!"
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