Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing in the New Year...

with a click (of the mouse button).

We all stayed in and watched movies. Will and Cole are both sicky-pooh so nobody wanted to come over and catch the flu. Bummer right? They are actually in bed right now, so I decided to get me some computer time!

I was driving home today and I was thinking about Cole's birth. Will and I talk about it often and it's so nice to look back on it. I remember feeling that the world had stopped, and in that moment, in those first few days, how nobody and nothing else mattered. I was complete.

I pray for a baby brother or sister for Cole and I forget how truly blessed we are to have this little man in our lives. Perhaps, I should spend less time praying for another little miracle and some time thanking Him for the blessings I already have...

These are some of my New Years Resolutions:
to be grateful more often
to want less
to have something to offer emotionally (help here Sissy)
to cook meals for my family regularly
to be super duper awesome at designing and all things digital
to balance the checkbook (do not laugh Will and all his coworkers-Ken...Tony-I am serious!)
to be more attentive to my son and husband (spend less time on the computer)

It is midnight as I write this line! I would not have known had the fireworks not started blasting off. Will and Cole are asleep already. I wish Cole could see the fireworks :(


Monday, December 29, 2008

Bittersweet: Part 2

So I get there for Christmas lunch and Cole actually tells me "night night" and asks for "rocky" which means to be rocked. So I rock him and he knocks out. I take him into Mimi's room and I lay him down and attempt to leave. He stirs so I decide to just skip lunch and lay with my baby boy and I notice he feels warm. I kinda dismiss it and a little later I check him again and he's getting warmer. We check his temperature with those underarm thermometers that take forever and we can't get an accurate reading because he's fussing now. I think at one point it reads 104.7 and we head home.

At home we check it with our thermal thermometer and it's just above 103, not good. So we give him Tylenol (you know it0the generic stuff), we try to put wet towels on him and then we get him in a tepid bath to bring his temperature down. He kicks and screams and cries out to us, meanwhile, Will and I and Gloria are all trying to appease him, dancing and singing, and jumping around like fools. This pretty much goes on for days, even today he had a fever. Went to see Dr. Johnson the day after Christmas and Cole had no strep or flu so we are just trying to stay on top of the fever with Tylenol and Motrin and some Ceron for the cough and congestion. It's when he sleeps that the fevers get out of hand. We finally figured that we have to be waking him every four hours to give him some meds because otherwise the fever gets out of control.

Despite all this heartache, I do have to say that Cole is taking his medicine very well. He freaks when he sees the dropper but when we put it into the little tsp vials we tell him it's juicy and he drinks it right up. He even asks for more! I have to thank Tammy for this genius idea. Goodness how it works. Now it's not foolproof. You can take a child to juice but you can't make him drink always. Sometimes he's so out of sorts with the fever that he just looks at it like the thought of lifting his little arm to take it is exhausting. His whole body is in pain, he whimpers and wants only to be held. My poor baby!

So just as I thought things were pretty bad at home with Cole sick, Will gets sick too. Cole is being very needy right now, and with reason, I'm pretty exhausted. I have Gloria's help but Cole wants his mommy right now so it's 24/7 Cole. Then Will gets sick and I'm all focused on Cole. I dismiss it for a cold, a 24 hour bug, it can't be that bad. That was on Sunday. He went to see the Dr. last night and guess what? Will has the freakin flu! I guess my sister was right when she said I had nothing to offer emotionally. I was too wrapped up in Cole and myself that I completely overlooked Will. So I went out last night at 11:30 into South McAllen to fill Will's prescription. I felt sooo bad. Did you know that Lee's Pharmacy is open until midnight, 7 days a week? How wonderful is that? I was in and out in 9 minutes!

Pray for the boys tonight: they have been under the weather for days!


Cole has been under the weather since Christmas day. We went over to Mimi's house in the morning to exchange and open gifts. Cole was excited but drove us crazy after every single gift we opened he demanded "open it". He looked a little sad but then again we did refuse to open all his gifts. We still have some in the trunk of the car that are unwrapped but it seems it was just too much for him to handle. Actually, maybe it was too much for us to handle...Nothing made him happy:
Not even money:

I went home to take a nap and Will and Cole stayed at Mimi's to wait for Uncle's Mark and Darrin to get in from Houston. Will texts me asking me to bring some extra clothes for Cole because he was burning up in his jammies. I know, I know, I forgot to leave his diaper bag in my haste to get to sleep land.

Meanwhile, Cole has grown to like the gift Aunt Wanda gave him. It's a rockin' (as in awesome!) horse that neighs and has a brush and everything. Cole was a little freaked out about it at first but he quickly saw the joy in it:
Thank you thank you so much Aunt Wanda! I do also want to say that a few days before Christmas Will had set up the horse so Cole could open it up on Christmas and immediately ride it. We were so thrilled with the horse and knew that Cole would love it and we were so thankful that Aunt Wanda had thought of Cole at Christmas. She and Uncle Bob were in our thoughts. That evening, we found out that Uncle Bob had passed away. So the story about the horse is bittersweet. Even more the reason to treasure it.

I had intended to keep going with the blog but I am kinda sad now and I'll try to continue it tomorrow. Really, so much more to update but Uncle Bob deserves a whole post to himself.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Keeping today's post short-it's Christmas and we want to spend it with family visiting! So Merry Christmas ya'll!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Checking it Twice

I wanted to get an early start this morning but I knew last night that since it was cold, I would want to sleep in with Cole. So that was the plan. Well, it would have happened anyway and I know better so I planned to sleep in in advance. So this morning Will keeps coming in and out of the room and I am thinking, "you do realize that he's going to wake up?" I would have said it but I didn't want to wake him up. I was afraid to move even. Then Will asks me if I have seen his wallet and at this point I can tell that he's just a tad frazzled. No, the constant coming in and out didn't tip me off...

So I wonder to myself if he would be upset if I showed my concern from under the covers. He comes in again and looks in the same spot, for the third time. I better get up. So I get up and I look and he looks, and Gloria looks, and even Cole looks. No wallet. As Will is walking out Gloria reminds me that Will had taken his wallet out to buy me a pickle at Wal Mart. He was on his way there anyway but I was hoping to narrow his search. I tell him as he's driving off and he says that's probably when I lost it. Oh poop! It's my fault! So I run inside and call Wal Mart-because I want to save the day. They look and they don't find it. Will calls me and says he didn't find it either. Now we're all anxiously awaiting his arrivcal at work/the bank to see if the cards had been used. Then Will calls me and and says he found it. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! It was in his shirt pocket the whole time! But hey, I got up early afterall.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WordPress Blog

I am trying a new blog service, WordPress. Many businesses use them so I decided to give it a try with my designing stuff, Chic Farm Designs. I am very happy with Blogger but just a tad curious what all the WordPress hype is all about. Until I decide on a blog service "definitivamente" (I can't think of the translation), check it out!

Click here or copy and paste into your web browser to be directed to Chic Farm blog.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What the hey?

One more week until Christmas break and then after that it's only 2 more weeks until my last day of work. Excited but days like today kinda put the fear in me. Cole was great this morning but he was a little terror this evening. He keeps getting on top of the dining table because there used to be Christmas ornaments (balls) up there. After a week of this I finally had had enough so I moved them into the laundry room. I know what you're thinking, why aren't they in storage or on the tree? The reason is because Cole gets them off the tree so it looks hideous now. All the ornaments from the bottom half have been removed and there are some on the top. I don't even want to take a picture of it but I probably should so he will always remember.
Anyway, back to the point:
So now on the table were Cole's Christmas gifts and now he's been getting up there to get those. I know, were not very bright! So I got smart and decided to wrap gifts in the living room as my mom was there distracting Cole. Did I mention he loves wrapping paper? So he comes into the living room and sees the paper and as I look away he grabs it. What is it with the freaking wrapping papper?
So we get mad at him for that and put him in time out, he cries. Then my mom leaves, he cries. Then he wants milk but he keeps tilting his sippy cup upside down and it starts dripping. We can't find the leak and after about 5 times of dripping milk on the couch, we decide to take it away from him. He cries. So we have movie time and Cole starts getting restless, pointing to and naming my glasses, ears, eyes, no (nose) face, etc....We threaten him with putiting him the crib. He says, "moo-y time" (translation: movie time) very matter of factly, like it's his right! So we think it's cute and don't really want to battle him crying so we let him stay up a little longer. He keeps messing around, asking for milk and his "vrooms" and finally I say to him, "kiss daddy and mommy". So he does and I take him to his room and put him in his crib. Nothing. I tell him goodnight and give him a kiss and tell him I am going to turn the fan on. Nothing. I turn the fan on, walk out, and close the door. Nothing. I walk away, sit down, and we continue watching the movie. 30 minutes later, still nothing. He's out without a battle. What the hey just happened?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ho! Ho!

Even big boys beleive in Santa! Here we have Santa 1 and Santa 2:

Oh my, what a whirlwind of a weekend! It was so much fun! You wouldn't believe the beautiful questions the littles asked the Santas. Some questions and requests:

Is it cold in the North Pole?

What do you feed the reindeer? (Santa replied "Candy, of course!")

One little boy told Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was to have a happy Christmas. Santa asked him if he wanted anything else and he said, "just a happy Christmas". Melted our hearts.

Some of the greatest pictures were of the parents trying to get their kids to smile for the camera. They were pulling tricks out of their hats left and right. It was so cute to see so much enthusiasm.

Now I have to say Thank You Thank You to my Santas, Will and Blaine. Dad didn't have to be Santa at all because these super troopers did it all. Dad was happy about that:)

Especially a big thank you to Drs. Blaine and Jana Hendrick! They worked almost 15 hours this weekend and all volunteer. We tried to slip some money in their pockets but it ended back up in mine. What we would have done without you? Santa Blaine even had a tough time because he was Santa during the Tea with Santa and those little girls are demanding! They started dancing and they wanted funky or techno music. The beat was too slow with the Christmas songs. Santa Blaine had to dance and he was awesome. A natural Santa, so jolly and friendly. Thanks guys, we owe you big: looks like we'll be laying some tile in your house here soon!Clare Bear, a good friend of my sister's, also helped out all day Saturday and Sunday. She was the photographer and sharp on her toes. She kept me grounded during the crazy times, and there were some when the line was backing up and all I had to do was look at her all calm and collected and it soothed me. Thank you Clare and John Paul (for giving up your mommy for the weekend).

Santa Will was excited about the ladies wanting to take pictures with him. He assured me that he was Santa and as his duty, he had to let them sit on their lap. I agreed and some pretty hot chicks got to take pictures with Santa Will. Can you guess if she was naughty or nice?Then of course we got some family pictures of is. Cole was not at all scared of Santa. That was probably because Santa's suit was laying all over the house the last two days. He would walk by it and say, "Ho Ho" with a deep voice. He refuses to call him Santa, just "Ho Ho".

Cole with Santa Daddy:

Cole with Santa Blaine:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guess what?

It's been a busy week at work and at home. I have Dias Festivos starting for me tomorrow and it has been so relaxing this time around. I am actually enjoying it. Last year was crazy because we were out of town until the day of and there was a lot of last minute scrambling.

I didn't go to work today nor will I go tomorrow trying to help out Junior League with the event. I also have some news that I have been waiting for weeks to announce. No it's not that:(

My last day of work will be January 16. I had originally planned on not returning after the holidays but the semester ends for us in the new year so I decided to stay until then. I had to wait to say anything because I had to tell the school first and I needed to make sure they would release me from my contract.

I will be staying home with Cole. I'll continue to do the etiquette consulting and the designing part time from home.

Oh even better news: my mom is retiring December 19! I am sooo excited for her, and me! That woman has worked herself to the core, she needs a break. Just when I thought she could relax, she decided to get a job doing taxes during tax season. That woman just does not rest! I am amazed by her energy. We are excited to maybe get to travel a bit. I just can't believe my mom is going to retire and be home. Now she has more time for me:) I can't wait!

What else, what else? Oh I got this amazing photo printer. It prints out all sizes of photos borderless! It also prints onto CDs and DVDs but I haven't figured out how.

Cole is using two and three words together now. I was rocking him the other night and Yaya was in the bathroom and she moved something and it made a noise. Cole looked up at me and said, "Yaya doing". He wanted to know what Yaya was doing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

High School Girl

A few months ago I was hired to give the keynote speech to 180 young ladies at the country club. These ladies were Juniors and Seniors in high school and they were all taking part in Cotillion.

This is the 3rd year that I have had the distinguished honor to speak to such a fine group of ladies. It gets better every year! (Except for the whole texting under the table,... I totally saw you!)

Anyway, before my speeches I like to walk around and meet and greet everyone. I had just started, I was at the second table and I walked up to the girls and asked, "So where do you go to school?"

They were very polite and told me where they went to school. I always ask this question because every year, without fail, you can walk around and room and the girls seat themselves by school. It makes sense, I know,...but they should be mingling! That's the whole point of coming out.

We chatted a minute or so and as I was getting ready to leave, one of the girls asks me, "Where do you go to school?"

I probably turned beat red but then I told her I was the speaker. It was too funny. It has never occurred to me that they would think I am a high school student. I know, that makes sense too.

I made sure to mention it during the speech and that got a good laugh. Not to worry: I didn't point anyone out, that would have been rude.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I was so busy trying to get a storyline with pictures of our Turkey day that by the time I got to saying what I was thankful for, I was sooo tired and went to bed.

I kept reminding myself in the middle of Cole's tantrums yesterday that despite this moment, I am blessed to have him in my life. I was thinking of life before baby. I almost can't remember. Then I think that I can look back at pictures but it seems that my interest in photography did not really show itself until I had Cole. Perhaps it's the subject, he is a cutie pie! (Says the mother, I know, I know.)

Anyway, back to the point ADD girl....

So I stumbled on my pictures of Christmas 2006 when I was huge: I was 7 months pregnant. Here's a pic in case you're wondering:
I was thankful that I had him. I was thankful that I nursed him. I was thankful that He chose us for him.

Today, though it's not Thanksgiving, I am thankful that Cole says "Sorry Mama" to me like 30 times a day. I have no clue if he knows what it means but if I have scolded him and after he has calmed down, he will sometimes come up to me and apologize.

I am also thankful for Will. What in the world would I do without him? Just now he bathed Cole and dressed him and put him to bed so I can work on some designs. Now, it just so happens that I got side-tracked and ended up blogging. But hey, this is for a good cause too.

Did you know that in November, Will and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage and our 13th year together? Crazy how time flies. In just a few short years I'll be able to say that I have been in love with him half my life. I would tell you the exact years but I failed math, a lot, so I decided that if it was important enough you'll tell me.

I am thankful for my family and for being able to live so close by. I love the chaos of family and friends. I love when my house is a mess: it just means there have been some busy bodies there. It's like that picture you see of yourself and you think it says so much about how you were really feeling. I mean the joy pictures, where the life and happiness jumps off the page at you. I remeber this day and I used to have this picture in a frame and everytime my sister saw she said I was glowing. I was thankful, and whoever took that picture captured that feeling.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We started the day late, woke up about 10 am and Will left to Mimi's to help with the food. I stayed home to get dressed and bathe Cole.Then, he was upset that Yaya took him out of the shower and left his "tuck" (truck). He threw a fit and came back into the bathroom crying. "Down" he says patting the counter. He's still a little confused with the whole up versus down thing but wer'e working on it. So, in an attempt to make my life easier, I put him on the counter.
He was content and let me finish getting ready. We left for Thanksgiving lunch at Mimi's and Will was hard at work...

Delicious, as usual. Cole was so excited to see Uncle Mark and Uncle Darrin's "puppies" that he wanted nothing to do with Nana, or anyone else for that matter. Nana was not happy about that!
Nana will also not be very happy when she reads this post and sees this picture! I am Thankful mother that you don't get angry very much...

My dad invited Stan, an old family friend over for Thanksgiving. He's an older widowed man. This is the 2nd or 3rd year that he has spent the holiday with us. I always tease Will that he and Nanny might hook up and when he found out Stan was coming over he said "he better not get any ideas". Well, they hit it off! I wouldn't call it a "love connection" but they had a lot in common.
Meanwhile, in the living room, Cole was making a love connection with Tata. He was having a grand 'ol time playing with him and he kept giving him random hugs and kisses. It was too too cute!
Then he started loving on Mimi and Nana. He kept giving them kisses, one for Mimi, one for Nana, one for Mimi, one for Nana...Then, the rest of the time, we were yelling at Cole to get his finger out of his nose! This is the newest thing of his. He thinks it's hilarious. We kinda do too, but sh, don't tell him. We were trying to take a nice family picture and all the while he had his finger up his nose.
We kept pulling it out and he got fed up. No nice family picture if he could'nt poke his nose. No nice family picture it is! We gave up, called it a day and went home for a nap. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The shortest longest line

Went to see Dr. Duran today to see what the plan was. Should I continue on another round of Clomid or have a dye test done. Resutls: No dye test, higher dose of Clomid. Great except this means more money. Clomid isn't covered by our insurance.

Solution, Mexico! Isn't Mexico always the answer? Having a bad day...drink it up in Mexico. Need some quality wood it up in Mexico. Need cheap meds, (or meds without a script)...drug it up in Mexico! Viva Mexico!

I called mom up and she was babysitting so I called Will up and he was like, "just spend the money and get it here". No way, I am a bargain shopper! Why am I going to spend $60 for them here when I can get them for $12.50 in Reynosa?

So I got Bob, (or Bop, as Cole lovingly refers to him) to go with me. We are in the car just leaving Bob's and he asks me if I have my passport. Are you kidding me? I am such an airhead! Only me. So he takes me home to get it and we get there, I get my meds, and some for Yaya. We get to the bridge to return and I'm like "Get in this line Bob! Look at how fast it's moving?" Then guess what happens? Yeah, we see cars passing us by like they're on a subway. Goodbye car #15, we haven't moved an inch! We finally get to the Customs Agent and then we're done. On our way home and Bob says to a friend on the phone, "We got in the shortest longest line". I thought it was funny and blog-worthy.

Anyway, cycle number 4 on Clomid. Maybe next month....maybe twins :)....

Until then, I was anxious to get home and see my baby! Makes the sun shine despite the rain!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DFM 2008 Tickets

I am selling DFM tickets for Junior League of McAllen. I will be there as well doing cards and Santa photos. If you would like to buy tickets please let me know and I can stop by with them. Above is a flyer (which I designed-all but the Gingerbread man).

We're Ruint

Will is out of town all week and it is sooo boring here at home without him! Well, Cole keeps me real busy and entertained but we still miss him like crazy.

There is this comedian that jokes about people being "ruint" and when Will goes out of town Cole gets "ruint". Nana is sleeping over these days because she will use any excuse to spend the night with Cole-ster. So Cole's bedtime ahs gone out the window and so has his crib. He is sleeping in the bed with me and my mom the entire night. I thought that maybe I can stand his crying but then my mom starts in! I give up. Hey, actually, they are both "ruint".

I have lost any hope in thinking that this is temporary because we have some dear dear friends coming in to visit us this weekend from Castriville and Cole will be giving up his room and in bed with us as well. But it's worth it to have the Winceoffs and Nana visit!

Can't wait for you to get back honey! We miss you terribly!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Check out my New Header

Did you notice my new blog title and header? Look up.

The High Road

I wrote yesterday in honor of my father because it was Veteran's Day. I can't remember if I mentioned that my father had a moral compass like I had never known. Still, it's rare to find someone with the qualities I admire in my father. Will, of course, but I wouldn't have married him otherwise-he had some pretty big shoes to fill.

Today I had thought about writing about some concerns I have about someone I love very much and who is very dear to me. But I thought about my father, and I knew that I just couldn't air it out like I might my laundry. Of all the things I thought about, all I could think was that such behavior would disappoint my father and went against what he taught us. I am taking the high road despite this overwhelming desire to share. Don't get used to it, this is a once in a lifetime thing!

So here I sit, with my thoughts all bottled up. This feels weird. How do people act so discreetly? I am a sharer. Oh, who am I kidding, an over-sharer.

You probably don't know this about me but I love quotes! I heard this quote and I wanted to share it with you:

"No boy is worth crying over, and the one who is, won't make you cry."

Thank you Gloria Ann for sharing it with me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Father, My Hero

Jesse is my father, a Vietnam Veteran. Today, on Veteran's Day I would like to honor him and remember all that he has done for our country, and all that he does for his family.

I love you dad. Thank you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Mommy

If you are reading this I had just finished posting one (so read the next post to see it) when I realized that I never did post any Halloween pics. Nobody got to see Cole in his costume! Also, I haven't mailed out our Halloween greeting cards! They were super cute-too bad nobody has seen them -unless you read the blog-you lucky boogers you!

Before you take a peek, let me just tell you that I don't know what Will was thinking when he was sporting that goatee. Because he can, every once in a while he does. He looks super old-that cradle robber!

Also, you may notice that Cole's Halloween "costume" are really pajamas. The idea was for Cole to be a fighter pilot with a personalized suit/jumper but we saw these jammies and it was all over once we put them on Cole. They glowed in the dark! We all know how I like a bargain so I was pleased to see that I would be saving $35 going the jammie route. (I got a manicure and pedicure with the savings-...I'm kidding people! What kind of mother do you think I am?)

We went trick or treating to about 4 houses and decided to call it a night because Cole was being a little turd. Every candy he got he would hold it up to us and say "open". I don't think so buddy-not this close to bedtime. When we would say no he would throw a mini tantrum and wanted to go his own way. Yeah-we went home and invited Blaine and Birdie over. We stayed up late watching a movie Will picked out-it sucked. But the company was great! Anyway, without any further ado-

Halloween 2008 pics:This is Cole's godfather. He was Minnie Mouse.


Cole is still kicking us out of his room:
But on a brighter note, he's wearing his new Christmas "yammies". (Courtesy of Mimi)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

I just got an email from Aunt Wanda asking if we thought Cole might like a particular gift and it got me thinking that the holidays are right around the corner. So many of us are trying to find the perfect gift, right? Well, of course you can always order personalized stampers and embossers from me-I know granted I ever get them uploaded, I know, I know. But another great gift is embroidered anything!

I have a friend that does monogramming and embroidery. Her name is Jamilyn and she owns Peabody's Boutique. Please take a look at her website because you're sure to find someone the perfect gift! Will and I are having our stockings embroidered and we have used her to embroider little boy boxers and tees and little girl bloomers. You have to check out her stuff-super cute!

I am going to try to see if I can get a pic of Cole in his boxers or take one and put it up. He looks like a little man.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Mommy Get Out"

Nana was over last night and she and Cole were playing in his room for quite some time. I decided I wanted in on the fun so I went in there and Cole threw me out! I felt horrible so I told Will to go in and see if he got thrown out too, he did and I felt much better. Then I went in again to capture it on video:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tantrum Proof

This was last night...I can't even remember what he was distraught about. Movie-time calmed him down pretty quickly. I love movie time!

*Note: I don't like him to watch tv but we have noticed that in order to wind him down and ready for bed, it helps if he gets to watch tv (or "mowies") with us. After a few minutes if this, we pick him up and he usually says "night night" to us as we walk to his room. We lay him down, he says "no honey", it breaks our heart (sometimes we give in) and he puts himslef to sleep. I hope this lasts a few months. Oh, and thank God for time change! He fell asleep an hour earlier!

Happy Halloween!!!

Pretty sad, but I have my Halloween cards that are sitting here in the study waiting to be addressed. It's no longer Halloween but I ordered them and by golly I am sending them out anyway! When I get around to it, maybe after Christmas. Here's a sneak peak at them...

and the back....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello Kristina!

I have a public blog so that everyone can read it. I like sharing my family life with everyone. Rumor has it however that someone very interesting is reading my blog. Because of this, I have to be very very careful what I post on this blog.

My sister has a stalker who is now my stalker. Her name is Kristina. She has found my blog and is now an avid reader scanning it for information on my sister. I will no longer be posting about my sister or her son, Kaindan, because google searches on them bring my blog up. It's pretty neat, try it. I've made sure to hide all posts about my sister and Kaindan so she finds this particular one. Hopefully she "googles" it again soon and finds this little note:

Hello Kristina! I'd love to hear from you, we all would, so please post a comment or email me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The G-Hetto

That's right, apparently, we live in the ghetto. We had been warned by our neighbor that there have been a few cars broken in to. So Will has a talk with me about locking the car and making sure to clean it up and put the Ipod away at all times. Never to let valuables be seen. But seriously, that kinda stuff happens, but not to us.

I woke up 17 minutes late today and I showered and got ready in record time! I dash out the door and as I am putting my bags in the backseat, I notice that the driver door is not closed right. No big deal, I thought, I just hope the car turns on. I open the driver side door and reach to put my purse on the passenger seat and I am like, "WTF, who threw my stuff all over my seat?" I did cuss in my head because I was a little annoyed. I mean, how rude!

So then it dawns on me, car was broken into. I run inside and whisperingly yell to Will that my car was broken into. (Cole was still asleep.) There are no visible signs of a forced entry but my Ipod, some change, and the radar detector are taken. My stubbs with socials and checking account deposit slips are thrown everywhere. The garage door opener is there (praise him) and so is Cole's carseat. I am kinda a Junior Detective and I have a hunch that the thieves are young because they did not see the value in my carseat. It was expensive-those idiots! So I'm like "hah" and I was telling the gals at work and they said "well they're trying to be stealth like-carseats are big". Oooh. I hadn't thought about that. So, we no longer have any leads.

Actually, we do have leads but I can't tell you about them because that could hinder the investigation.

Just kidding, I always wanted to say that. But I think they do have some leads or video but I wasn't really paying attention to what Will was saying. I am sooo ADD! Something about a "consent to search, video, 5 other breakins in the area",....I can't remember-it was information overload. System down now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Visitors 2

We visited the Pumpkin Patch again this weekend. It was such a nice day. Cole was running up and down the pumpkin aisles and we were able to get a picture of him. He was all excited to be eating "cookie" which was really a huge chewy Sweet Tart. I guess it did look like a purple cookie.

What a sweet boy-he shares!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A dog day,...

We were getting in our car Sunday afternoon to go to Mimi's and Will tells me there's something I have to see. It's our yappy, nippy chihuahuas, who have long been banished outside. I probably don't need to say more than they're chihuahua, we all know their temperament and ever since Cole came along, things have been rough. We didn't take them out until after Bailey had attacked Cole at least 3 times-so see-we are understanding! See if you can find them in the first picture....

Then, Shadow says "screw this, I'm outta here," and she finds that she can escape.

Well, we were on to her like white on rice and we fixed that gap in the fence right then and there.
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